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We can recommend the following other speakers

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01299 - 879841    

Max Keen.

Max gives excellent, lively and entertaining history talks covering the Medieval, Tudor, Stuart, Georgian and Victorian periods.

All his talks are done in period costume

and are digitally presented.

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For a full list of talks check out his website

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01527 - 892361    

Richard Churchley.

A musician and historical researcher, Richard has published many articles and booklets on local and family history. With a comprehensive range of subjects, Richard currently offers a list of 32 talks, some which include live music and poetry.

David Clark.

As a past mayor of Worcester and a career that has ‘careered’ all over the place, David currently offers the following talks:

Sentenced to Beyond the Seas’ - 8 female Worcestershire convicts sentenced to death or transportation, ended up on the first fleet to Australia, and their incredible stories.

‘We Can’t let You Broadcast That’ – Be astonished at some of the tracks banned by the BBC and the bizarre reasons for their decisions.

A Funny Thing Happened On My Way To The Parlour’ – If you’ve ever thought you’d like to be a Mayor – be warned, this could happen to you.

To book David please call or email:

01905 - 423628

07799 - 093757