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Writers and Speakers  Wilma Hayes            & Mike Watkins In the Sticks Talks

All talks are fully illustrated using PowerPoint and last approximately one hour. We bring all our own equipment, however having a screen available is helpful. We are available for daytime, evening and weekend bookings and, if you’ve been let down and need a speaker quickly, don’t hesitate to call and if we can help we certainly will.

Fees for 2019:

                    £40 per talk plus travelling (negotiable)
                     from Tenbury Wells / Ludlow.

To know more or book a talk please go to the Contact Us page.

Welcome to our list of talks

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 New talk 2019

SS Great Britain - a 127 year voyage: (Mike)
The remarkable story of Brunel’s greatest ship from her
launch to her home coming exactly 127 years later, to the day!

Current talks:

Remembering the swinging 60s : (Mike)
A light hearted look at people, things and events of the 1960s. With audience participation encouraged, it’s an hour of laughter and fun. Remember the 60s, of course you do!

Titanic ~ the things you didn’t know : (Mike)
From the seeds of an idea over dinner through to the aftermath and the two enquiries, it’s the story of Titanic. Why and where she was built, who was onboard and lots, lots more.

Nothing like a good conspiracy theory : (Mike)
We all like a good conspiracy theory, paranoia, secrecy, intrigue and even lunacy, some have got it all. From Kennedy to Princess Di, from Roswell to the moon landings we take a light hearted look at the history of the conspiracy theory and some of the strangest, weirdest and almost believable.

War Diary ~ story of a WW1 soldier :  (Wilma)
The story of a Canadian soldier who started the war as a private, ended the war as a lieutenant with a Military Cross and a German wife! It’s a fascinating story of his life and fellow soldiers in and out of the trenches.

Captain Flora Sandes : (Wilma)
The only British women to have served as a combat soldier of the First World War. This is a fascinating story of an
extra-ordinary woman.

Two Ships in the Night : (Mike & Wilma)
The story and parallels of two Atlantic ships, one you’ve never heard of and one you most definitely have. Sinking two years apart, more passengers were lost on the Empress of Ireland than the Titanic but why has the Titanic story endured? We tell the story and why you have heard of one but not the other.

Titanic ~ the ship that never sank : (Mike)
On the night of April 15th 1912 Titanic sank with the loss of over 1500 lives. The great loss of life is not in dispute, what is in dispute however is which ship sank that night, Titanic or her near identical sister ship Olympic? Hear the fascinating story of how and why they may have been switched.
Titanic or Olympic, you decide!

The Empress of Ireland ~ what really happened : (Wilma)
The fascinating story of the forgotten Empress of Ireland that sank with the loss of more passengers than the Titanic. Find out the why, when and where and also why she has been all but forgotten.